Selected Presentations/Invited Addresses

Dementia screening instruments in the medical setting. Presentation for Centura Health physicians and staff. Lakewood, CO (Winter, 2012)
Cognitive and emotional changes in early Parkinson’s Disease. Presentation for Colorado Neurological Institute (CNI). Englewood, CO. (Fall, 2011)
Brain Structure and Function. Presentation for St. Anthony Central Hospital Health Passport, Denver, CO (Winter 2010)
Cognitive problems in Huntington’s disease. Presentation for the Huntington’s Disease Symposium, Colorado Neurological Institute, Englewood, CO (Summer 2009)
Mental illness and dementia: How do you know? Presentation for Colorado Association of Geriatric Care Managers. Denver, CO (Fall 2008)
How to determine mental capacity:  Evaluation tools and methods.  Presentation for Guardianship Alliance seminar.  Denver, CO.  (Fall, 2007)
Working with Cognitively Impaired Clients.  Presentation for Financial Planning Association and Colorado Society of CPAs Financial Planning Symposium.  Denver, CO.  (Fall, 2007)
Assessing Capacity.  Presentation for Advanced Elder Law Institute:  Representing Seniors.   University of Denver Sturm College of Law, Denver, CO (Summer, 2006)
Aging and Decision-Making Capacity:  Clinical, Family and Legal Issues. American Psychological Association and University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Conference (Spring, 2006)
Communication with cognitively impaired persons.  Assessment of mental capacity.  Presentation/workshop  for Denver Regional Council of Governments, Denver, CO (Winter, 2005)
Medical, legal and ethical aspects of decisional capacity in the elderly.  Presentation for American Society on Aging, Summer Series on Aging, Denver CO (Summer, 2000)
Determining testamentary capacity.  Presentation for Elder Law Institute, University of Denver College of Law (Spring, 1999)
Caregiving issues.  Presentation for University Seniors Association and Denver Museum of Natural History’s Hall of Life Education (Spring, 1998)
Health care, law and the life cycle.  Presenter/panelist for Program in Health Care Ethics, Humanities and Law, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center (Spring, 1997)
Determining Incapacity.  Presentation for Institute for Advanced Legal Studies, University of Denver College of Law (Fall, 1997)
Mental capacity:  Who has it and how do you know?  Presentation for University of Denver College of Law, Elder Law Institute, Denver, Colorado (Fall, 1994)
Bridging the gap between lawyers and medical experts.  Presentation/workshop for Continuing Legal Education in Colorado, Inc.  Denver, Colorado (Winter, 1997)
Bioethics and the elderly.  Workshop for Elder Law Institute, University of Denver, Colorado (Fall, 1996)
Behavior management techniques for the patient with Alzheimer’s disease.  Presentation for Centennial Area Health Education Center, Geriatric Education Center, Greeley, Colorado (Fall, 1996)
Elder abuse:  VA’s response.  Presentation for National Training Program, St. Louis Education Center and National Media Development Center, St. Louis, MO (Summer, 1996)
Management of problem behavior, Assessment of mental capacity, PTSD in the elderly.  Presentations for Geriatric Education Center, Alamosa, Colorado (Spring, 1996)
Use of experts in will contests.  Workshop for National Association of Elder Law Attorneys, Denver, Colorado (Fall, 1995)
Positive behavior change in older adults.  Presentation for Mental Health Association of Colorado, Pro Bono Mental Health, Denver, Colorado (Winter, 1994)
Advanced directives and assessment of competency.  Workshop presented at Fifth Annual Geriatric Medicine Board Review Symposium, UCHSC, Breckenridge, Colorado (Winter, 1994)
Assessment and treatment of geriatric patients.  Presentations/workshops for Mediplex Rehabilitation Center, Denver, Colorado (Fall, 1993)
Advanced directives and assessment of competency.  Workshop presented at Fourth Annual Geriatric Medicine Board Review Symposium, UCHSC, Winter Park, Colorado (Spring, 1992)
Depression and medical illness.  Presentation for RMEC, VA Medical Center, San Francisco, California (Summer, 1992)
Alzheimers disease:  Current concepts and issues.  Presentation on Local Resources Panel, VA Medical Center, Denver, Colorado (Fall, 1991)
Management of problem behavior in geriatric patients.  Presentation for Gerontological Nursing Symposium.  VA Medical Center, Denver, Colorado (Fall, 1989)
Evaluation of cognitive and affective functioning in the elderly.  Presentations for Asian Pacific Development Center, Denver, Colorado (Winter, 1988)
Management of difficult behavior in the elderly.  Workshop for professional caregivers of geriatric patients, VA Medical Center, Denver, Colorado (Spring, 1987)